SMS & Email Notification

Our system can notify you via SMS or email whenever your website or server is in trouble. An example of notification looks like below:

Subject: My Business Website is DOWN

My Business Website
DOWN at Feb 27 2005 03:55 AM (US/Eastern)
Err: cannot connect to port 80

A notification contains the name of the website or server, current status, time of incident in your local timezone and relevant error message.

Test SMS Notification

Phone Number
(country code)
(network prefix)
(mobile number)
  • USA & Canada (+1) 555 1234567 (using T-Mobile?)
  • United Kingdom (+44) 7766 123456
  • Australia (+61) 414 123456

By entering your number, you agree to receive SMS at the phone number provided.
Access Code (numeric)

Test Email Notification

To troubleshoot non-receipt of test email, change the sender email to an off-site address (eg. Gmail/Yahoo Mail) so that you can receive bounces.